Insurance Case Management

Ensuring best benefits and outcomes for car accident victims

Always achieving the best financial possible outcome when called by client and lawyer.

Constantly communicate with the insurance company to maintain continuation of service

For My Medical Inc. provides efficient and cost effective approach to managing injury and illness as a result of motor vehicle accidents, workplace safety and insurance board claim, short and long term disability.

We manage our clients’ insurance claims to help them reach best possible outcomes, providing a wide range of rehabilitation consulting services which include:

Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic injury

Case Management of pediatric, adult and senior clients who have sustained traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, and issues related to complex care, as result of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, or any other types of personal injury

Hospital discharge

Facilitatation and planning of short and long term rehabilitation goals

Treatment team

Establishing and managing a treatment of physicians and community therapists, ensuring that all aspects of treatment are effectively coordinated

Neuro-cognitive and Psycho-sensory

Facilitating and coordinating neuro-cognitive functional treatment, psycho-sensory motor restoration, cognitive communication, adjustment counseling and vocational and community reintegration

Community Resources

Researching and accessing various community resources to promote client progress and independence

Advocate on behalf of clients

Liaising with Insurance Adjusters and Lawyers to advocate on behalf of clients in insurance claims, WSIB and disability cases, etc.

Educating Clients

Providing education to clients and their families regarding the role of Health Care Providers, Lawyers and Adjusters in managing their care and rehabilitation

File reviews

Conducting file reviews of previous interventions to provide recommendations for further care and completing task assignments and implementing recommendations based upon Insurer Examinations

Manage multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams

We carefully manage our clients’ multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams by developing rehabilitation plans that address the physical, functional, psychological, cognitive and medical well being of our clients and assist in providing the services to meet their individual needs.

Comprehensive medical file

Our medical file and reporting is more comprehensive than most because we regularly update our clients’ information, communicate more regularly with clients’ legal counsel, physicians and therapists and obtain specialists’ consultation notes DAILY to support our rehabilitation planning.

Regular monthly reports

We also provide regular monthly reports to legal counsel, insurance provider, and members of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, which allows up to concisely document clients’ progress, their changing needs, and recommendations, which yields maximum and lasting rehabilitation outcomes.


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    Medical Treatment

    Consolidating all treatment and therapy paid by insurance or OHIP. Collaborate with best medical professionals to help patients achieve maximum recovery. Services include Chiro, Massage, Physio, OT, Psychology, and more than 50 others.

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    Medical Assessments

    Expert medical reports supporting personal injury and insurance claims. Radical support in ensuring the clients’ medical, care, and financial needs are met by the insurance company. Providing the backbone medical evidence to support high settlement payouts.

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    Home and Attendant Care

    Highest quality support for all aspects of personal care. Compassionate care for the suffering and needy in their home, hospital, and community. Dignity for cancer patients, the disabled, seniors, and victims of serious physical and emotional trauma.

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