• Our History

    We are a Canada-based face mask producer.

    • Currently, the global masks supply chain is overextended and there is very little production capacity in Canada and the USA.
    • Our advantage lies with 22+ years of experience manufacturing air quality and safety filters within a large facility located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.
    • We have designed and built all of our existing equipment, and have recently engineered and constructed a new machine line partially funded by the Canadian Federal Government (NRC/IRAP).
  • Our Mission

    Help stop the spread of COVID-19

    • Mask exports are often banned, and hundreds of thousand imported masks are being rejected due to quality issues.
    • Locally mass-produce face masks using 20+ years of safety filter experience as we help fight the spread of COVID-19.
    • Meet the very urgent and ongoing needs of the province of Ontario, Canada, USA and globally.
  • Our Face Masks

    Our face masks are of the utmost quality and filter out infectious particles to save lives.

    • Our disposable masks can be effective at filtering viruses and bacteria particles with a size above 1 micron.
    • The masks are made out of non-woven fabric using a spunbonded process, by extruding melted plastic onto a conveyor and through melt-blown technology.
    • The plastic is extruded through a die with hundreds of small nozzles and blown by hot air to become tiny fibers that are then cooled and bound. The multi-layered structure is covered by textiles with non-woven bonded fabric on both sides.


1. Is every mask safe to use?

A: Absolutely, Safety and Standards are paramount for us. We rely on our 20+ years proven track record of engineering experience and strong collaboration with over 3 engineering firms (for example we are currently finalizing a project funded by NRC/IRAP from the Canadian government) to ensure the quality of each mask we produce.

2. How are you producing the masks and are they locally made?

A: Each and every mask produced locally at our Orangeville facility utilizes machines and procedures that go above and beyond Canadian health and safety standards. We use a cutting-edge meltblown production process which results in spunbonded mask fibers that ensure no viral particles above 1 micron can pass through it.

3. Where are you sourcing your materials and are they sterile?

A: All and every single material we use is purchased from the same reputable vendors with which we have a long history and we are regularly buying from. We obtain and test samples from every new vendor and material. The quality of the materials is locally inspected and they are handled properly and thoroughly disinfected for added safety.

4. Why did you a, former industrial air filter manufacturer, decide to enter the masks and personal protection industry?

A: As some competition from overseas has historically produced sub-par masks, and with the changing Canadian and US government sentiments to strongly preferring locally-sourced protection equipment, it made sense for us to retool and make the transition:

  • Because of our tech and know-how – we are super competitive, with only 7-8% overhead labour cost our mask production costs afford us great margins
  • Our traditional business Com-Pleat and Servair Filters have decades experience producing air filters. Retooling for mask and PPE production was an easy decision since all the infrastructure and manufacturing experience is already in place.

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